If you’re in need of corrective eye surgery but are hesitant to go under the knife, you may want to consider Femto-LASIK surgery. Femto-LASIK surgery has all the benefits of traditional LASIK eye surgery, including the ability to correct of myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and other conditions of the eye.

However, the procedure offers an important advantage over LASIK as it is completely bladeless. If you’re interested in Femto-LASIK or another ophthalmology procedure, don’t hesitate to contact Beverly Hills Medical Center of Kuwait for a LASIK consultation with one of our specialists.


Undergoing Femto-LASIK

In both LASIK and Femto-LASIK eye surgery, a flap is made on the cornea of the patient. But unlike traditional LASIK, in which the flap is created with a steel blade, Femto-LASIK utilizes a high-precision laser to make the incision. This laser tracks and follows movements of the eye as well as the shape of the cornea, allowing for an operation personally tailored to each individual patient. The result is a procedure that is safer and more accurate than conventional LASIK surgery.

What to Expect From the Procedure

There are certain things you should know before undergoing the Femto-LASIK procedure. For example, it’s important not to wear contacts on the day of operation, as they can affect the shape of the cornea. If possible, it’s best to stop wearing contacts in the two weeks leading up to the operation. This downtime will allow the cornea to return back to its original shape, making the Femto-LASIK surgery all the more effective.

The surgery itself is quick, and since Femto-LASIK is an outpatient procedure, you should bring along a friend or family member to help you get home. After undergoing the procedure, it’s possible your eyes may begin producing an excessive amount of tears. This is a normal after-effect of the surgery, and one that disappears within a few days. You may also experience dry eyes, which can be remedied by using eye drops. Vision may be blurry in the weeks following the procedure, but will stabilize after 4-6 weeks.

In general, the potential after-effects of Femto-LASIK surgery disappear after just a few weeks. Many patients feel that a few weeks of very mild discomfort is a worthwhile tradeoff for perfect vision without glasses or contacts.

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